Volunteer with Feral Cat Warriors

Feral Cat Warriors provides plenty of fulfilling volunteer roles to those who are devoted to creating a positive change in the lives of feral cats and their kittens. You can opt for hands-on or background tasks, depending on your strengths and interests. Trap-neuter-return activities are available to assist in the humane management of feral cat populations, while fostering cats and kittens offers an opportunity to give them the essential care and socialization they need in a home setting. Representing the organization at adoption events enables you to match cats with their forever homes. Outreach initiatives are also available to spread awareness about feral cat care and responsible pet ownership. In addition, there are administrative tasks to maintain the organization. Ultimately, volunteering with Feral Cat Warriors not only helps these cats but also provides a way to contribute to something you are passionate about.

Volunteer with a Local Team

Did you know that Feral Cat Warriors is continuing to grow and expand into more communities? Join one of our local volunteer teams.

Kingman, AZ
Bullhead City, AZ / Laughlin, NV
Las Vegas, NV (Coming Soon)

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Unable to join one of our teams but till interested in volunteering. We have several opportunities to volunteer from home.

Help with Social Media: Our social media presence is growing daily and we have several positions for those wanting to help advocate for the animals.

Become a Foster: By welcoming a foster pet into your home, you can help to save lives and make room for another animal to be brought in off the streets. Even if your fostering commitment is just for a few days, weeks or months, the impact you make can be everlasting.

TNR Program Helpers: Volunteers are wanted in certain locations to provide assistance with transporting cats, tidying up, and entering data.

Transportation: Feral Cat Warriors is in need of volunteer drivers to transport homeless cats and the occasional dog from local areas to our partner shelters and rescue groups located in areas where the animals have a greater chance of being adopted.

Public Events: From fundraisers, adoption events with our retail partners to our annual Gala dinner. We are always looking for volunteers to help expand on our mission.

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Experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with aiding animals in need. Your efforts, no matter how large or minuscule, contribute to preserving them all.