Sick and Injured Cats

Feral Cat Warriors is known to take high risk sick and injured cats from shelters and the community.  Many of these cats are going to require long term medical care and rehabilitation before they are ready for their forever homes. Feral Cat Warriors is truly their last hope at life.

The majority of these sick and injured cases just involve simple long-term treatments for URI (upper respiratory infection) or ringworm. A death sentence for the vast majority of cats and kittens in shelters and rescues nationwide.

Since our beginning in 2019 we have cared for several cats requiring amputations of a limb, eye enucleations (surgical removal of the eye), Feline Stomatitis, burns, bullet wounds, and feline calicivirus (FCV) a highly contagious virus that requires round the clock care.


LT Dan – Leg amputation

North Side Colony – More than 8 sick cats in need of medical care.

Maribel – She was suffering from an infected mammary tumor