Feral Cat Warriors – TNR (Trap – Neuter – Program)

The Feral Cat Warriors’ Community Cat TNR Program is the solution for humanely reducing the population of strays and feral cats in our communities. This program is the most effective way to take care of these cats who live without homes on our streets.

TNR (trap-neuter-return) is a nonlethal approach to cutting down the quantity of community cats and improving the well-being of cats, wildlife and people. It is one of the main element of of our community cat programs.

The time frame for what is known as “Kitten Season” can span from February to Mid-September, though there are births outside of this period. A single unspayed female cat can start to experience heat cycles as young as 4 MONTHS, and in a YEAR can have up to 50 kittens. Furthermore, if an unneutered male cat is present, they can impregnate a female every 3-4 weeks, even when she is still nursing her current litter. If the population is left unchecked, this can lead to an overabundance of cats, with adverse consequences.

If you’ve located a feral cat or have a colony in your area that needs to be spayed/neutered, please follow the step below. Feral Cat Warriors can help with trapping, transportation, and aid during the Trap-Neuter-Release process.

How the process works

Ready to have your colony TNR’d

If your ready to take a humane step towards caring for your community cat colony, please follow the steps below.

Step 1

Register your colony with Feral Cat Warriors’ Cat Stats

Step 2

After your colony is registered, fill out a TNR request form online.

Step 3

Continue to take care of your colony.