The Importance of Rescue

When left to their own devices, strays cats and kittens are forced to endure a great deal of adversity. These creatures are exposed to inclement weather, lack of sustenance, the danger of other animals, and the chance of contracting illness. They have either been left behind or simply ended up in this predicament, creating an ongoing cycle of difficulty, trying to survive, and oftentimes suffering.

Giving aid to homeless cats and kittens is not just commendable – it is a saving grace for those animals in need of attention and shelter. The mission of “Feral Cat Warriors” is to ensure that each cat, despite their situation, is given the possibility of being embraced, comforted, and having a safe future. By taking these cats off the streets, the organization allows them a new outlook on life, free from the struggles they faced on a daily basis.

The commitment of the organization goes beyond just Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR); it also includes helping cats and kittens find lasting homes. By rescuing these animals and then placing them with caring people, “Feral Cat Warriors” works to break the cycle of suffering and open up a route to a brighter future. This comprehensive approach not only saves specific lives but also lowers the pressure on area shelters.

Rescue Areas of Focus

Stray and Abandoned.

Owner Surrenders

Sick and Injured

Animal Abuse Cases