Feral Cat Warriors Cat Adoptions

Cat adoptions from Feral Cat Warriors is not just an act of compassion; it’s an opportunity to transform both a cat’s life and your own. These cats, who have faced the challenges of life on the streets, hold a unique resilience and a desire for a loving home. By choosing to adopt, you offer them a chance at a fresh start, providing them with a safe and caring environment where they can thrive. Each rescue cat comes with a story of survival and hope, waiting to become a loyal companion and a cherished member of your family.


Step 1: Search Our Available Fur Friends

Find a cat or kitten you are interested in by searching our online database. Adoptable cats are viewable online, in real time.

Step 2: Verify The Cats Location

All cats and kittens listed on our adoption page are either currently in foster care or at one of our retail partners. You can click the “Adopt Me” link on any page to submit your information and inquire about that cat.

Cats At Our Retailers: You can either contact the retailer directly at the number listed or we would be more than happy to contact the retailer for you.

Step 3: Meet Your New Friend

We will arrange with you a time and location for you to meet your new fur friend with one of our fosters or adoption managers. If the cat is with one of our retailers, please feel free to go see them at your convince.

Step 4: Complete the Adoption Agreement & Take Your New Friend Home

Once you have decided to adopt your new furry family member, you will complete the adoption packet including the adoption agreement. Please bring an appropriate means of transporting your new cat/kitten home.

Our Happy Feral Cat Warriors Families