Why We Help

The work of Feral Cat Warriors in rescuing cats has a positive effect on the community. By curbing their reproduction, they lessen the burden on animal shelters, veterinary clinics, and public resources. This allows them to devote their attention to giving better care and support to animals, improving the lives of both animals and people living in the area.

Based on national averages, there are approximately 58.7 thousand cats in Mohave County that have loving homes. For every cat that is cared for there are 5 that are homeless, living on the streets or feral. Mohave County alone is estimated to have close to 300 thousand community cats.

We currently have three main areas of focus when it comes to supporting the animals and our community. Rescue, Community Cats (TNR), and Pet Food Assistance.


When left to their own devices, strays cats and kittens are forced to endure a great deal of adversity.

Community Cats

Feral Cat Warriors Community Cats program is dedicated to improving the lives of feral and stray cats throughout Mohave County

Pet Food Assistance

At Feral Cat Warriors, we understand the difficulty of the decision a pet owner must make when they are financially struggling.