🐾❤️ Emergency Response Update from Feral Cat Warriors ❤️🐾

Late Wednesday afternoon, Feral Cat Warriors responded to an urgent situation in the Butler area. Tragically, an individual was found deceased in their home, leaving behind over 40 cats. We immediately collaborated with the Sheriff’s Department, Animal Control Officers, and the Medical Examiner to address this heart-wrenching scenario.

Given the timing right at the start of the holiday weekend, a compassionate plan was devised between the Sheriff’s Department and Feral Cat Warriors. Our team ensured that the cats and kittens had ample food and water, and arrangements were made for regular check-ins over the weekend. These resilient felines have always had the freedom to come and go through a doggie door, providing them with shelter.

Though it is a somber situation for both the family and the animals involved, especially during the holidays, rest assured that with Feral Cat Warriors and the generous support from our loving community, these cats and kittens will receive the care they deserve and find loving forever homes. The formal rescue process will begin at the start of the week, but until then, we are dedicated to ensuring they are fed and safe.

Your support makes a significant difference in these challenging moments. Together, we will provide comfort and a brighter future for these feline companions. 🙏💙