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New Kingman – Butler Hoarding Case

At around 6:00 p.m. on September 5th, 2023, we were contacted concerning more than 30 cats that had been abandoned on an empty lot in Kingman, Arizona. Even though at the time we had a long waiting list of people within our community who already needed assistance with abandoned and stray cats. We had to go and check out the situation for ourselves.

Loaded with cages and kennels we headed out to the address we were given and once we arrived the scene was beyond anything we could have ever imagined.

There was a total of 34 cats that had somehow found their way onto this empty lot, every cat was skinny, hungry, and dehydrated. It wasn’t long after we started rounding up these cats that we realized that not one of them was feral, and they were looking to us for care and compassion.

Once we were sure we had rescued every one of these cats, we took a good hard look at what was before us. The cats ranged in age from small kittens to adult cats, they were all unaltered and every female cat of age was pregnant. The cats were covered in drool and feces and several of them had sever eye infections that are going to require major medical care.

It was easy to see that this was either a case of cat hoarding or a failed attempt of someone trying to start a cat rescue. No matter what the cause, the outcome of this situation is animal abuse by whoever abandoned these domesticated cats on the streets in large numbers.

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