Our Mission to Protect and Improve the Lives of Feral Cats in Mohave County

Owner surrenders at one time was normally a very small intake number for most shelters and rescues nationwide. In 2023 we began to see a dramatic increase in the number of cats and kittens being surrendered by the owners. During the pandemic when everyone was sitting at home alone, adopting an animal from a local shelter or rescue provided the companionship that most we’re missing. Fast forward two years and the current state of the economy worldwide has placed a burden on pet owners.

Top Reasons cats are being surrendered.
  • Rising costs of pet food and litter
  • Pets’ medical expenses
  • Rising cost of rent
  • Rising cost of basic needs (food, utilities, etc.)
  • Relocating and unable to take pets.

This list can go on and on with no real end in sight.

Feral Cat Warriors will continue to take owner surrendered cats, kittens and the occasional dog and find each and everyone of the animals a new loving home.

Owner Surrenders by Year