Feral Cat Warriors – Senior to Senior Foster Program

Senior citizens living alone often suffer from loneliness, depression, and a lack of purpose. Having a pet helps them physically, mentally and emotionally. The comfort, companionship and knowledge they are loved and needed makes a big difference.

Unfortunately, many are justifiably hesitant to adopt due to concerns about their age, health, abilities or finances. Many worry what will happen to the cat should they become seriously ill or die. Some on small fixed incomes can’t afford the cost of food and litter, much less vet care. Others with physical and/or transportation issues aren’t able to handle cases of food and heavy bags of litter.

Homeless Senior cats (age 10+) have few options and little hope. Many shelters won’t accept them and few people are willing to adopt an older cat. Everybody wants a kitten or a young cat. Despite having so much left to give, most die within a short time of losing their home.

Feral Cat Warriors’ Senior to Senior foster cat program is a long-term foster program that removes the barriers keeping these two groups apart and allows them to enjoy and benefit from each other’s love and companionship. Although the cat lives with their person 24/7, they still belong to Feral Cat Warriors.

Benefits of the Program:

  • If something should happen to the person, the cat returns to Feral Cat Warriors.
  • If the cat becomes ill, Feral Cat Warriors will provide health care and treatment.
  • Supplemental food and litter are available if needed. For those on a fixed income, it is provided free of charge.
  • Staff is available to answer questions and provide support as needed

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