Be the hero Dan needs!

On Saturday evening (8/19/2023), we were informed of a cat that had been badly wounded in Bullhead City. A volunteer from our local group quickly went out to search for the animal and eventually brought it to a secure place to get it checked out. It was a kitten about 3 months old that had multiple gashes around its chest and abdomen and a severely damaged limb. Dan was transported to our care team in Kingman and is being given basic medical attention for some of his wounds. An appointment is scheduled with a vet tomorrow to look at the various injuries and have x-rays done to determine if an amputation of the leg is necessary.

Update 8/21/2023

Dan saw the vet today, his wounds on his chest were treated and had x-rays of his front leg. The x-rays showed that his shoulder is shattered and will require an amputation. He is scheduled to have the surgery preformed on Thursday (8/24/2023)

Dan is going to require long-term care and rehabilitation to recover from his injuries.

Update 8/24/2023

Dan made it through his surgery, his leg was amputated, and he was neutered while he was under anesthesia.  He is resting comfortably at the vet and will be held overnight for observation. If all goes well, he will be released to the Kingman Care Team tomorrow.

Update 9/14/2023

Lieutenant Dan is all healed up and handling the missing front leg very well! He is still scared of his surroundings a little bit so he needs someone with patience. He lays on the couch each night with his caretaker and the other cats and dogs. Once he is comfortable he will beg like a dog for belly rubs. He is a little mouthy but okay like (we are trying to get that to stop). He will soon be available for adoption into his forever home.